Important Flute Tips:

1) Always attach a label to your flute case to prevent someone from taking your flute by accident.
2) Never put books, food, money, toys, or anything besides your flute and cleaning tools inside your case.
3) Do not set your flute down where it can be stepped on, sat on, or knocked over. If you are not playing your flute, put it back into the case right away.
4) Watch out for curious friends or little brothers and sisters who may want to "try out" your flute. Keep it in a safe place at school and at home.
5) Keep it away from direct sunlight and extreme heat.
6) Don't grab the keys when assembling or disassembling your flute.
7) Wipe down the outside of the flute after use. Never use grease, oil or silver polish on your flute.
8) Carefully clean the inside of the flute with your cloth and cleaning rod. If you get the cloth stuck, do not attempt to take it out yourself. Bring it to The Master Musician and we will remove it for free.
9) Bring your flute to The Master Musician for regular checkups.
9) Lastly, have fun and enjoy playing the flute!

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